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ION 401 - Ionmax Tower Ionic Air Purifier


BARCODE: 9346442000248

PRODUCT TYPE: Air Purifier

VENDOR: Ionmax


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Product Features:

The Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier releases an abundance of negative ions per cubic meter to clean and revitalise the air in your home. Negative Ions recreate the fresh , natural air you get right after it rains, and near beaches, waterfalls and the rainforest

Refreshes the air with negative ions: Releases 5.3x105 negative ions per cubic meter. Negative ions re-create the feeling of fresh, clean, natural air from the outdoors such as what you feel at waterfalls, the forest, and the beach

● Removes unwanted particles from the air: When many negative ions attach to positive ions (such as pollen, dust and pet dander, and other airborne allergens), they become heavy and fall to the ground, removing these allergens from the air that you breathe.

● The ION401 circulates air without the use of loud and disruptive motors or fans. Its collection blades trap irritants and allergens and release fresh, ionised air back into the room.

● With no fans and motors, the ION401 Ionic Air Purifier is a safe and quiet solution to clean the air in the baby's or kid's rooms.

● User-Friendly Features 

● 3 Adjustable Output Settings ( Low, Medium, High)

● Energy Efficient: Inexpensive to operate, consuming just 15W of power during operation

● Easy, One-Touch Operation: Easy to use one-touch operation to switch between modes and settings.

Super easy to maintenanceSimply remove the steel blade assembly and wipe clean with a cloth. No need for vacuuming, washing, or replacement filters. Easy.

Model No. ION401
Input Voltage 240 V
Power Consumption Max 15W
Coverage Area 60 sqm
Negative Ion Output in 50cm 6.3x105/cm3 in 350cm 3.5x103/cm3
Tank Capacity 3.5L
Air Flow N/A
Product Weight 4.1kg
Dimensions H: 710mm, D: 240mm, W: 200mm
Warranty 2 year
ION 401 - Ionmax  Tower Ionic Air Purifier

ION 401 - Ionmax Tower Ionic Air Purifier