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Korean Air Purifier Coway 1516D Storm Air Purifier

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PRODUCT TYPE: Air Purifier



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Product Features:

● Introducing the Coway air purifier 1516D Storm - a better device, for a better home. With a power consumption of only 65W, and a coverage area of up to 49.5 sqm, this family focused air purifier is an all-rounder for the home.

A Clean Air Delivery Rate of 6.3m3 per minute will purify the surrounding air, and make your living room, well, a much livable environment. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, this all-in-one air purifier from Coway is the perfect fit for your home.

Powerful Air Circulator

The Coway 1516D's powerful circulator extends airflow range up to 6 metres, which effectively improves indoor air circulation.

You and your family will truly feel the difference as it makes even the smallest areas feel less stuffy!

Multi-Directional Air Flow

The Coway 1516D air cleaner reintroduces purified air into the rooms, multidirectionally. Forwards, Upwards (90°), and a combination of both.

Feel comfortable no matter where you are at home.

4 Stage Filtration System: The Coway 1516D air purifier may be small, but it utilises a powerful 4 Stage Filtration System, which reduces ultra-fine dust and odours to keep indoor air clean. It also provides an efficient dual-power system for inhaling contaminated air, and a front-facing accumulator for fresh air to provide faster, finer air handling.

● Removes unwanted particles from the air: When many negative ions attach to positive ions (such as pollen, dust and pet dander, and other airborne allergens), they become heavy and fall to the ground, removing these allergens from the air that you breathe.

Powerful filtration system: 99.9%* removal of 0.02 µm fine particles
A slim and basic air purifier that can increase space efficiency and clean air anywhere in the room.

● User-Friendly Control Panel

Various Modes: Choose from Automatic or Turbo mode

Smart Eco Air Purifier: Smart power-saving feature that automatically switches to the smart eco mode when the air has stayed clean for at least 10 minutes.

Efficient Air Speeds: Manually adjust air purifying speed from silent to speed 2

Controllable LED Indicator: Switch the pretty LED lights on when you want to know the air pollution level, and feel free to turn it off when you prefer no lights.


Safe for Children

The air purifier's child safety lock can be activated to disallow any changes of air purifier modes. In addition to that, the air purifier will automatically shut down if the cover is loose or being removed, reducing any potential hazards.


Air Pollution Indicators

This Coway smart air purifier adapts to its surroundings, and shows the surrounding conditions by means of a coloured LED light indicator. The fan speeds are automatically adjusted, based on the room's air quality and lighting conditions- providing an ambient environment for you and your home.


User-Friendly Features

With its slim and sleek design, the Coway 1018F fits everywhere within your house, providing an ease of mind, and clean air within your home. Plus, its many clever features make it a pleasure to use at home.


Your Coway Air Purifier comes with a 2 year warranty, covered in Australia.



Model No. ION401
Input Voltage 240 V
Power Consumption Max 15W
Coverage Area 60 sqm
Negative Ion Output in 50cm 6.3x105/cm3 in 350cm 3.5x103/cm3
Tank Capacity 3.5L
Air Flow N/A
Product Weight 4.1kg
Dimensions H: 710mm, D: 240mm, W: 200mm
Warranty 2 year
Korean Air Purifier Coway 1516D Storm Air Purifier

Korean Air Purifier Coway 1516D Storm Air Purifier